Joe Coen

Read by Joe Coen for Oakhill:
The Dead Tracks
Something Wickedly Weird: The Werewolf and the Ibis
The Clumsies Omnibus 1: Make a Mess/ Make a Mess of the Seaside/ Make a Mess of the Big Show
Invisible Brother & Detective Brother
Charlie Bone and the Wilderness Wolf
The Ghost in the Bath
Raccoon Rampage
The Clumsies Omnibus 2
A Hen in the Wardrobe
The Fix
Raccoon Rampage: The Raid
Atticus Claw Breaks the Law
Charlie Bone and the Shadow of Badlock
The Doomsday Watchers
Atticus Claw Settles a Score
War Games
Ways to See a Ghost
Gabriel’s Clock
The Tornado Chasers
The Obituary Writer
Atticus Claw Lends a Paw
My Parents are Driving Me Crazy
Voices in Stone
How to Update Your Parents
Henry and the Guardians of the Lost
The Everything Machine
How to Fool Your Parents
Beaky Malone: World’s Greatest Liar
There’s a Dragon in my Dinner
Fox Investigates: A Brush with Danger
Sky Dancer
Atticus Claw Goes Ashore
There’s a Dragon in My Backpack!
Beaky Malone: Worst Ever School Trip