Evelyn McLean Evelyn McLean

Read by Evelyn McLean for Oakhill:
Bug Brother & Pirate Brother
Super Zeroes on Planet X
Dirty Bertie: Fleas! & Worms!
The Magic Faraway Tree
Minna's Quest
Dirty Bertie: Pants! & Burp!
Watch Out for Witches! & The Wizard’s Warning
Animal Rescue: Honey – The unwanted puppy & Charlie – The home-alone kitten
No Turning Back
Chips, Beans and Limousines: The Fantastic Diary of Bathsheba Clarice de Trop
The Enchanted Wood
Game Boy: Reloaded
Dirty Bertie: Bogeys! & Crackers!
The Story of Matthew Buzzington
The Evil Eye
The Adventures of Jake Collection
Dirty Bertie: Mud! and Yuck!
Wildly Weird
The Stepsisters’ Story
Dirty Bertie: Germs! & Loo!
Dirty Bertie: Fangs! & Fetch!
Dirty Bertie: Kiss! & Ouch!
Dirty Bertie: Pong! & Snow!
Dirty Bertie: Dinosaur! & Zombie!
Dirty Bertie: Pirate! & Scream!
Dirty Bertie: Jackpot! & Horror!
Dirty Bertie: Smash! & Fame!
Angela Nicely & Angela Nicely: Queen Bee!