Daniel Philpott Daniel Philpott

Daniel Philpott trained at LAMDA and following success in the BBC Carleton Hobbs Awards for Radio Drama has numerous voice credits. These include Agatha Christie's They Do It With Mirrors for BBC Radio and The Cost of Freedom for Focus on the Family Radio, which received a Peabody Award in New York in 1998. He has recorded a wide range of audio book titles.

Read by Daniel Philpott for Oakhill:
Touch the Silence
The Voice of the Violin
The Shape of Water
The Terracotta Dog
The Snack Thief
Excursion to Tindari
The Scent of the Night: An Inspector Montalbano Mystery
Dunkirk: Retreat to Victory
Rounding the Mark
The Patience of the Spider
Blood, Sweat and Tea: Real-Life Adventures in an Inner-City Ambulance
Hunting Evil
The Paper Moon
Aunt Severe and the Dragons
August Heat
More Blood, More Sweat and Another Cup of Tea
Lost in the Desert
The Rose and the Yew Tree
Little Manfred
Burnt Out
Danger Signs
The Potter's Field
The Track of Sand
The House with No Name
Space Lizards Stole My Brain!
The Red Dragons of Gressingham
The Wings of the Sphinx
Sam and Ruby’s Olympic Adventure
Viking Boy
Llama Drama
Aunt Severe and the Toy Thieves
The Age of Doubt
Vigi the Viking and the Dream Dragon
The Dance of the Seagull
The Ghastly McNastys: The Lost Treasure of Little Snoring
The Hunter
The Treasure Hunt
The Enemy
Stop! There’s a Snake in your Suitcase!
City of Devils
Run! The Elephant Weighs a Ton!
The Spider of Sarajevo
My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish
The Darkest Heart
The Game
The Ghastly McNastys: Raiders of the Lost Shark
After The Crash
Better Off Dead
The Ghastly McNastys: Fright in the Night
The Devil's Daughters
The Darkest Day
Game of Mirrors
Blade of Light
A Time to Die
The Final Hour