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September 2017
The Damselfly SJI Holliday
The Damselfly
Read by Jenny Dunbar

Katie Taylor is the perfect student – bright, funny and with a boyfriend who adores her. But when she is found dead, the small town of Banktoun must face yet another tragedy. New school counsellor Polly McAllister – recently returned to Banktoun to make amends in her own personal life – is thrown in at the deep end, but soon uncovers a multitude of murky secrets. Did Katie have enemies? Is her boy... More >

The Final Hour Tom Wood
The Final Hour
Read by Daniel Philpott

Victor is the ultimate predator. He surfaces to kill, then disappears into thin air. But he’s a disposable commodity for the powerful people he works for – both the good guys and the bad. No-one has his back, and doing black bag jobs for the CIA has put a target on his head … Antonio Alvarez, a high-ranking US intelligence official, is determined to clean house and find the legendary killer who sl... More >

Our Summer Together Fanny Blake
Our Summer Together
Read by Joan Walker

Caro knows how to be a mother – advising her grown-up daughters on career and relationship worries. She knows how to be a grandmother – enjoying the hectic energy of her three-year-old grandson. She knows how to be a daughter – helping her aging mother retain her independence. She thought she knew everything about being a wife, but when her husband suddenly leaves her for another woman, everything... More >

  General Fiction
The Earthly Gods (Agent of Rome 6) Nick Brown
The Earthly Gods (Agent of Rome 6)
Read by Nigel Peever

Imperial agent Cassius Corbulo is about to go rogue. His bodyguard, Indavara, has been kidnapped, and having spent weeks trying to locate him, Cassius’s time is up: he must return to duty. But when an old ally’s daughter is enslaved, he feels obliged to repay a long-standing debt. Disobeying his superiors, Cassius – and his Christian servant Simo – joins nomadic chieftain Kabir and a trio of warri... More >

  Historical Fiction
Army Wives: From the Crimea to Afghanistan, the Real Lives of the Women Behind the Men in Uniform Midge Gillies
Army Wives: From the Crimea to Afghanistan, the Real Lives of the Women Behind the Men in Uniform
Read by Charlotte Strevens

Over the centuries, army wives have followed their men to the front, helped keep order in far-flung parts of the empire or waited anxiously at home. Army Wives uses first hand accounts, letters and diaries to tell their stories. We meet imperial army wives in Crimea and the Raj; explore the experiences of twentieth-century wives in two world wars and a Cold War and hear from modern women supportin... More >

An Unfamiliar Murder Jane Isaac
An Unfamiliar Murder
Read by Cathy Sabberton

Arriving home from a routine day at work, Anna Cottrell has no idea that her life is about to change forever. But discovering the stabbed body of a stranger in her flat, then becoming prime suspect in a murder inquiry is only the beginning. Her persistent claims of innocence start to crumble when new evidence links her irrevocably with the victim … Leading her first murder investigation, DCI Helen... More >

Until Death Ali Knight
Until Death
Read by Karen Cass

Marriage is a prison for Kelly. Her controlling, manipulative husband Christos videos her in the house, has her followed and tracks her every move. She is desperate to leave, but knows that if she runs, he’ll make sure she never sees her children again. Christos has a mistress, Sylvie, keen to pander to his every whim and even keener to step into Kelly’s shoes. Kelly thinks it’s stalemate for thei... More >

The Arrangement Sonya Lalli
The Arrangement
Read by Nina Wadia

Twenty-nine year-old Raina is still unmarried and battling her family’s expectations for her future – they think that by now she should have been married in a dream Indian wedding. The pressure reaches new heights when her grandmother, Nani, decides to play matchmaker in order to find her the perfect arranged marriage. Eager not to disappoint her family, Raina goes along with the plan but when the... More >

  General Fiction
Stronger than Skin Stephen May
Stronger than Skin
Read by Max Dowler

Mark Chadwick is cycling home from work, eager to get back to his pregnant wife Katy and two children, when he sees the police calling at his house. He knows exactly why they are there and he knows that the world he has carefully constructed over twenty deliberately uneventful years is about to fall apart. He could lose everything … A story of a toxic love gone wrong, with a setting that moves bet... More >

Classic in the Dock Amy Myers
Classic in the Dock
Read by David Thorpe

Jack Colby is delighted when his friend, the world famous artist Giovanni, calls in at Frogs Hill on his way to Plumshaw Manor to paint a 1930s Alfa Romeo racing car. Jack waves him goodbye – but it isn’t for long. Later that day he has a phone call from Giovanni. He has been arrested for murder! What follows brings nightmare to Jack, as he investigates the crime. Did Giovanni really do it? Or is ... More >

Practice Makes Perfect Penny Parkes
Practice Makes Perfect
Read by Anna Bentinck

The Practice at Larkford has been nominated as an ‘NHS Model Surgery’, and it’s causing the team headaches. Dr Holly Graham can’t relax and enjoy her new romance with fellow doctor Taffy – she’s worried that the team is prioritising plaudits over patients. Plus, her favourite resident Elsie is facing a difficult diagnosis, and her family life continues to be chaotic. Meanwhile, Dr Dishy Dan Carter... More >

  General Fiction
The Companion Sarah Dunnakey
The Companion
Read by Mike Rogers & Sherry Baines

Billy Shaw lives in Potter’s Pleasure Palace: the best entertainment venue in 1930s Yorkshire. Jasper Harper lives in the big house above the valley with his eccentric mother Edie and Uncle Charles, authors who have fled London for the seclusion of the moors. Billy is sent to become Jasper’s companion, and befriends the wild, peculiar boy – but the air in the Harper household is thick with secrets... More >

August 2017
The True Soldier (Jack Lark 6) Paul Fraser Collard
The True Soldier (Jack Lark 6)
Read by Dudley Hinton

April, 1861. Jack Lark arrives in Boston as civil war storms across America. A hardened soldier, Jack has always gone where he was ordered to go – and killed the enemy he was ordered to kill. But when he becomes a sergeant for the Union army, he realises that this conflict between North and South is different. Men are choosing to fight – and die – for a cause they believe in. The people of Boston ... More >

  Historical Fiction
You Don't Know Me Brooke Magnanti
You Don't Know Me
Read by Catherine Harvey

Miri Goldstein was a call girl with connections to powerful men. Now that she’s dead, some can breathe more easily. But as the media dig into Miri’s past, her old friend Denise worries that her own will rise to the surface. Meanwhile in Scotland, controversial forensic pathologist Harriet Hitchin is put in a bind when the body turns up on her patch. Police think they have their killer but Harriet ... More >

Above Us The Sky Milly Adams
Above Us The Sky
Read by Maggie Mash

June 1940, and newly qualified teacher Phyllis Saunders is evacuated with her school to Dorset. Here she encounters prejudice and suspicion, but she is determined to make the best of life for herself and the children in her care. All the while, her fiancé, submariner Sammy, is facing danger out at sea. On a visit to London, Phyllis gets caught up in the Blitz, but manages to escape. Shaken but ali... More >

  General Fiction
An East End Girl Maggie Ford
An East End Girl
Read by Kate Lee

Cissy Farmer longs to escape her life in London’s Docklands where times are hard and money is tight. And when she meets the debonair Langley Makepeace, her dream seems within reach. But the price of belonging in Langley’s brittle, sophisticated world could be much higher than Cissy ever imagined. Torn between Langley and her gentle childhood sweetheart, Eddie Bennet, she is forced to gamble on her... More >

  General Fiction
The Dangers of Family Secrets Debby Holt
The Dangers of Family Secrets
Read by Joan Walker

Freya is a genealogist, but has never paid as much attention to her own family. When her marriage starts to collapse and her grown-up daughters seem more distant than ever, Freya’s reckless abandon startles everyone, and long-hidden secrets begin to emerge ... ... More >

  General Fiction
Reading Allowed Chris Paling
Reading Allowed
Read by David Thorpe

This is the story of a small-town library, its staff, and the fascinating group of people who make up its ‘regulars’. We meet characters like the elderly Mad Hatter, who scurries around manically searching for books; Stewart, a gay man with a spray-on tan who pops in most days for a nice chat; and relentlessly cheerful Trish, who always dresses in pink. Some are tragic, some amusing, some surreal,... More >

The Lightkeeper’s Daughters Jean E. Pendziwol
The Lightkeeper’s Daughters
Read by Laurel Lefkow

Elizabeth’s eyes have failed. She can no longer read the books she loves or see the paintings that move her, but her mind remains sharp and music fills the vacancy left by her blindness. When her father’s journals are discovered on a shipwrecked boat, she enlists the help of a delinquent teen, Morgan, to read to her. As an unlikely friendship grows between them, Elizabeth is carried back to her ch... More >

  General Fiction
Reported Missing Sarah Wray
Reported Missing
Read by Alexandra Whitworth

Four months ago, Becca Pendle’s husband disappeared. So did 14-year-old Kayleigh Jackson. Just a coincidence? Becca wants to believe so … But it’s getting harder for her to trust his innocence. Faced with an angry town that believes Chris has abducted the teenager, Becca tries to discover the truth. But what she finds shocks her more than she ever thought. How well does she really know the man she... More >

The Only Child Andrew Pyper
The Only Child
Read by Laurence Bouvard

As a forensic psychiatrist at New York’s leading institution, Dr Lily Dominick has evaluated the mental states of some of the country’s most dangerous psychotics. But the strangely compelling client she interviewed today – a man with no name, accused of the most twisted crime – seems different from the others, despite the two impossible claims he makes. First, that he is more than two hundred year... More >

The Darkling Spy Edward Wilson
The Darkling Spy
Read by Richard Attlee

London, 1956. A generation of British spies are haunted by the ghosts of friends turned traitors. Henry Bone, a Mandarin spymaster, is convinced that a man code-named ‘Butterfly’ is the Holy Grail of Cold War Intelligence. In reality, however, Butterfly is an aristocratic pervert whose political tastes are as ugly as his sexual preferences. Worst of all, Butterfly has the ability to identify each ... More >

The Midas Legacy Andy McDermott
The Midas Legacy
Read by Gareth Armstrong

Atlantis has defined Nina Wilde’s life. Her parents’ obsession with the lost city cost them their lives, but finding it brought Nina to her husband Eddie Chase and a series of archaeological treasures. A decade later, the duo join a mission to locate the Secret Codex, an account of ancient Atlantean explorer Talonor’s journeys, thought to be located in the ruins of Atlantis. But when a long-lost r... More >

Dare to Remember Susanna Beard
Dare to Remember
Read by Emma Powell

Reeling from a brutal attack that leaves her best friend dead and her badly injured, Lisa Fulbrook flees to the countryside to recuperate. With only vague memories of the event, she isolates herself from her friends and family, spending her days wandering the hills with her dog, Riley. She is plagued by vivid flashbacks and tormented by questions: how did their assailant know them? Why were they a... More >

July 2017
Old Flames John Lawton
Old Flames
Read by Lewis Hancock

In April 1956, at the height of the Cold War, Khrushchev and Bulganin, leaders of the Soviet Union, are in Britain on an official visit. Chief Inspector Troy of Scotland Yard is assigned to be Khrushchev’s bodyguard and to spy on him. Soon after, a Royal Navy diver is found dead and mutilated beyond recognition in Portsmouth Harbour. Troy embarks on an investigation that takes him to the rotten he... More >

The Deepest Grave Harry Bingham
The Deepest Grave
Read by Siriol Jenkins

DC Fiona Griffiths is bored. It’s been months since she had a decent murder to deal with. And then comes the news: not just a murder, but a decapitation, with an antique sword no less. Gaynor Charteris was an archaeologist leading a team excavating a nearby iron-age site. Genial, respected, well-liked, it’s hard to see why anyone would want to kill her so brutally. But as Fiona starts to dig benea... More >

Her Husband's Lover Julia Crouch
Her Husband's Lover
Read by Karen Cass

Louisa Williams is desperate to make a new start after the terrible car crash that killed her husband and children. Sam said that she would never get away. That he would hound her to death if she tried to leave. Louisa never thought that he would want to harm their children – but then she never thought that he would betray her with a woman like Sophie. And now Sophie is determined to take all that... More >

A Life in the Day Hunter Davies
A Life in the Day
Read by Cameron Stewart

Hunter Davies’ memoir of his childhood, The Co-Op’s Got Bananas!, was immediately hailed as a classic. In this much-anticipated sequel, Hunter shares his colourful memories of living in London during the height of the Swinging Sixties, becoming editor of Britain’s first colour weekend supplement; befriending the Beatles; and interviewing (and partying with) the biggest names in television, film an... More >

To Wake the Dead John Dickson Carr
To Wake the Dead
Read by Jonathan Keeble

Christopher Kent, worth a quarter of a million pounds yet without a penny in his pocket, stands hungrily in Piccadilly one snowy morning, looking up at the huge hotel, when a piece of card bearing a number floats down to him. He enters and is served with breakfast, giving the waiter the room number. Then an unlucky chance compels him to go up to room 707. Inside a woman lies murdered in a trunk. K... More >

The Identicals Elin Hilderbrand
The Identicals
Read by Laurel Lefkow

Nantucket is only two and a half hours away from Martha’s Vineyard by ferry. But the two islands might as well be worlds apart for a set of identical twin sisters who have been at odds for years. Just because twins look exactly the same doesn’t mean they’re anything alike – and Tabitha and Harper Frost have spent their whole lives trying to prove this point. When a family crisis forces them to ban... More >

  General Fiction
At First Light Vanessa Lafaye
At First Light
Read by Adjoa Andoh

1993, Key West, Florida. When a Ku Klux Klan official is shot in broad daylight, all eyes turn to the person holding the gun: a 96-year-old Cuban woman who will say nothing except to admit her guilt. 1919. Mixed-race Alicia Cortez arrives in Key West exiled in disgrace from her family in Havana. At the same time, damaged war hero John Morales returns home on the last US troop ship from Europe. As ... More >

  General Fiction
A Twist of the Knife Becky Masterman
A Twist of the Knife
Read by Kate Harper

Ex-FBI agent Brigid Quinn doesn’t visit her family in Florida much. But her former partner Laura Coleman – whose life she has saved and who has saved her life in turn – is living there now. So when Laura calls about a case that is not going well, Brigid doesn’t hesitate to get on a plane. On leave from the Bureau, Laura has been volunteering for a legal group trying to prove the innocence of a man... More >

Framed Ronnie O’Sullivan
Read by Nick Moran

Frankie James is a young man with a lot on his shoulders. His mother disappeared when he was sixteen; his father’s in jail for armed robbery; and he owes rent on the Soho snooker club he inherited to one of London’s toughest gangsters. And things are about to get a whole lot worse when Frankie’s brother Jack is accused of killing a bride-to-be. He needs to find out who framed Jack and why; but tha... More >

Bertie the Blitz Dog Libby Parker
Bertie the Blitz Dog
Read by David Fleeshman

When Bertie’s owner passes away, he has to learn the ways of a stray dog on the streets of war-torn London. Luckily he has the help of new friends, both those on two legs and on four. But Bertie doesn’t expect the Blitz and the horror it brings. He also doesn’t expect to find love again in the arms of one special little boy. When his second chance of happiness is threatened Bertie knows he needs t... More >

  General Fiction
The Last Cut (DS Harri Jacobs 1) Danielle Ramsay
The Last Cut (DS Harri Jacobs 1)
Read by Emma Gregory

Obsessions can kill. First, he selects them. Strips them of their identity. Then he kills them. All for her … DS Harri Jacobs transferred to Newcastle from the Met in the hope of leaving her past behind: the moment where her stalker turned violent. He left her alive, saying that one day he would be back. And she ran. But a year later, she realises he has followed her from home. He’ll prove his dev... More >

The Day She Disappeared Christobel Kent
The Day She Disappeared
Read by Alison Campbell

Have you ever had that sense that you’re being watched? And you turn, suddenly, but it’s just a curtain, blowing in the wind? Or the dress hanging in the doorway? Nat knows something’s wrong. Her best friend, Beth, would never have upped and left without saying goodbye to her. But no one believes that Beth was taken – she is a fly-by-night, a party girl who can’t be trusted. No one’s listening to ... More >