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Jekyllís Mirror
William Hussey
Jekyllís Mirror
Read by David Thorpe

Sam is a tortured soul, but his darkest hour is yet to come, when heís invited to take part in Project Hyde, a new social networking site where users can enjoy total anonymity. Itís exhilarating at first, until Sam notices that the other users are becoming obsessed with the program, addicted to the cruelty they are inflicting online. Sam watches with a growing sense of horror as his classmates tur... More >

Circus of Thieves and The Raffle of Doom
William Sutcliffe
Circus of Thieves and The Raffle of Doom
Read by Dugald Bruce-Lockhart

Hannahís life is boring, boring, boring! But when Armitage Shankís Impossible Circus comes to town, Hannahís world is turned on its head. She meets Billy Shank, his astonishing camel, Narcissus, and a host of other bizarrely brilliant members of the circus. But all is not as it seems, Armitage Shank, evil ringmaster and Billyís surrogate father, has a dastardly plan involving light-fingered thieve... More >

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