A raft of resourceful women – plus two determined little girls – are among the stars of Oakhill's latest publishing.

Our top titles include A Talent for Murder by Andrew Wilson, in which the Queen of Crime is ensnared in a deadly plot. Set during Agatha Christie’s ten-day disappearance in 1926, this gripping novel sees her using all her intelligence and ingenuity to thwart a dangerous blackmailer who intends to make her a murderer.

Making matches is the theme of Julie Ferry’s The Transatlantic Marriage Bureau, the fascinating true story of the ʻdollar princesses’ who travelled from America to wed English aristocrats – and the unofficial brokers who arranged their marriages.

Making money is the issue for the residents of a Highland care home in P. I. Paris’s Casting Off. When their fees are hiked up substantially, the ladies come up with a highly unconventional plan to raise money …

For younger listeners, our highlights include Erica’s Elephant by Sylvia Bishop, a tale of the friendship between ten-year-old Erica and a large, somewhat confused elephant; and Chris Callaghan’s The Great Chocoplot, which sees eleven-year-old Jelly trying to prevent the Chocopocalypse which will bring about the end of chocolate.

For more details of these and all our audio books, please consult our online catalogue. We have an extensive range of titles and genres, and most recordings are also available on MP3 CD. Although we no longer produce cassette editions, Oakhill continues to offer its free lifetime replacement service.

A Talent for Murder
Andrew Wilson
A Talent for Murder
Agatha Christie, in London to visit her agent, boards a train, preoccupied in the knowledge that her husband Archie is having an affair. She feels a touch on her back, loses her balance, but is pulled... More>
Casting Off
P. I. Paris
Casting Off
When the residents of a Highland care home discover that the new owners are about to substantially put up the fees, they know that dramatic action is called for. But what can a group of senior citizen... More>
Erica's Elephant
Sylvia Bishop
Erica's Elephant
When Erica Perkins wakes up on the morning of her tenth birthday, the last thing she expects is to find a very confused elephant sitting on her doorstep. So begins an unlikely friendship. But can a sm... More>
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