Tony Bradman
Merlin and the Ring of Power
Read by Thomas Eyre
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Merlin must find a Ring of Power in order to save the kingdom! A gripping sequel to Young Merlin, plotting Merlin’s journey from his youth to his mastery of magic. Merlin is doing everything he can to keep Britain from being captured by the Saxons. But when the foolish King decides to try and steal a statue from the Irish, Merlin finds that the Kingdom’s enemies have now doubled.The only way to defeat the approaching armies is to find a Ring of Power to amplify Merlin’s magic – but will Merlin be able to find one before the enemies attack?

What the critics say:

Interest age 9-12
Reading age 8

1 CD + 1 book
BS 105 • 978-0-85735-571-3

Playing time: 30mins

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