Sheila Quigley
Thorn in My Side
Read by Tim Bruce
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DI Mike Yorke is coming home. After three months in London, he’s looking forward to being back in the north east – but he’s barely off the train before he’s deep into the most bizarre case of his career. A viciously flogged corpse. Children disappearing. Horrific new street drugs. And buried somewhere is a deadly secret that will lead him down paths so dangerous, he will question the very fabric of society. In the first in a new series set on Holy Island, an explosive secret going back to the dawn of time is unearthed by a young woman who, fearing for her life, goes on the run in the wilds of Northumbria.

What the critics say:

‘a convincing portrayal of a violent underworld’ – The Independent

7 CD s
OCD 581 • 978-0-85735-633-8

Playing time: 8hrs 23mins

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