Ros Asquith
Letters from an Alien Schoolboy: Cosmic Custard
Read by Christopher Naylor
Price: £19.00 CD (all prices +VAT)
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Alien schoolboy Flowkwee is back in a brand new adventure, set to prove that four heads are better than one and to save Earth from destruction by cosmic custard! Will all the miserable whining Earthlings and the fluffy clouds and chocolate and cheerful worms and cardboard be destroyed? Put this audiobook right back on the shelf and you’ll never ever ever ever ever know.

What the critics say:

‘This book has been called one of the funniest books of the year. We agree ...’ – Primary Times

Interest age: 7+

2 CD s
COCD 229 • 978-0-85735-624-6

Playing time: 2hrs 12mins

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