Aline Templeton
Cold in the Earth
Read by Kate McGodrick
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As a catastrophic virus devastates the Scottish countryside, killing cattle and destroying lives, Detective Inspector Marjory Fleming finds herself at the stormy heart of a troubled, trapped community. Infected animals are burnt, but the all-pervasive stench of death develops a horrifying edge when human remains are dug up near the town of Kirkluce. A missing girl and a mysterious family's obsession with bull running provide a sinister backdrop to DI Fleming's first murder investigation.

What the critics say:

'Aline Templeton has been producing quietly intelligent, carefully plotted thrillers for years. She is good at managing her plot and revealing details slowly. She has demonstrated that, just when we thought Scotland was saturated with detectives, a strong woman can elbow her way in and find a unique niche'

10 CD s
OCD 059 • 978-1-84648-118-5

Playing time: 12hrs 15mins

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