Patrick Bishop
Target Tirpitz: The Epic Quest to Sink Hitlerís Greatest Battleship
Read by Richard Burnip
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The Tirpitz, Hitlerís greatest weapon, was reputed to be unsinkable and the battleship inflamed an Allied obsession: to destroy her at any cost. More than 30 daring operations were launched against the 52,000 ton monster. But still the Tirpitz remained a significant threat to Allied operations. It was not until November 1944 that a brilliant operation by RAF Lancaster Bombers, under the command of one of Britainís greatest but least-known war heroes, finally killed off Hitlerís last battleship.

What the critics say:

ĎThis is the best kind of military historyí Ė Daniel Johnson, Evening Standard

12 CD s
OCD 539 • 978-0-85735-531-7

Playing time: 15hrs 38mins

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