Elizabeth Chadwick
Shields of Pride
Read by Jonathan Oliver
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Historical Fiction

Unable to inherit his father's title, Joscelin de Gael, the beloved bastard son of William Ironheart, is serving Henry II when he encounters the lady Linnet de Montsorrel. Neither suspects that within months they will be wed, but when her husband dies, Linnet is bestowed on Joscelin as a reward for his loyalty. While Joscelin's half-brothers plot to overthrow their own father, revelations of past loves and family secrets threaten Linnet and Joscelin's relationship. A thrilling novel of bitter family conflict, turbulent with the sounds, scents and the violence of the twelfth century.

What the critics say:

'An author who makes history come gloriously alive'

'Well written and exciting'
The Times

'To my mind she is the best of the medievalists currently writing. Anyone who enjoys Sharon Penman or Anya Seton should definitely give her a try'
Richard Lee, Founder of the Historical Novel Society

11 CD s
OCD 050 • 978-1-84648-109-3

Playing time: 14hrs 16mins

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