Dan Vyleta
The Quiet Twin
Read by Richard Burnip
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Vienna, 1939. Professor Speckstein’s dog has been brutally killed and he wants to know why. When an unexpected house call leads Doctor Beer to Speckstein’s apartment, he finds himself in the bedroom of Zuzka, the professor’s niece. Wide-eyed, flirtatious, and not detectably ill, Zuzka leads the young doctor to her window and opens up a view of their apartment block that Beer has never known. Does one of these enigmatic neighbours have blood on their hands?

What the critics say:

‘ ... the novel pungently recreates the noxious ethos in which [Nazism] flourished’ – Sunday Times

9 CD s
OCD 472 • 978-0-85735-372-6

Playing time: 10hrs 42mins

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