Kaye Umansky
Tales from Witchway Wood
Read by Veronika Hyks
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Filth is Witch Sludgegooey’s Fiend, Arthur the Dragon is precise, meticulous and lives with his mum, and O’Brian is a Leprechaun who is often mistaken for a Pixie. These three very different characters have two things in common – the band they play in (The Witchway Rhythm Boys) and the music they play – Crash ‘n’ Bang– which nobody likes very much. But then The Thing in the Moonmad T-shirt becomes their manager and sets their sights higher – on the forthcoming music competition The Battle of the Bands, where they face stiff opposition from some terrifying Skeletons, Trolls and Gnomes.

Interest Age: 9+

4 CD s
COCD 188 • 978-0-85735-397-9

Playing time: 4hrs 15mins

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