Michael Morpurgo
Mr Nobody’s Eyes
Read by Gareth Cassidy
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Things have been difficult for Harry since his mother remarried. With a new baby at home, and only trouble at school, life is unbearable. Ocky the chimp, escaped from the circus, offers Harry a chance for a new life. With his friend, Harry runs away from all the people who seem so hard on him. At first, life on the road is an adventure, but gradually everyone they trust betrays them. When their lives are in danger, who will help Harry and Ocky?

Interest Age: 9+

What the critics say:

‘Michael Morpurgo is a Pied Piper for young readers’
– James Naughtie, Daily Telegraph

4 CD s
COCD 187 • 978-0-85735-388-7

Playing time: 4hrs 8mins

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