James Steel
Read by David Thorpe
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1501: A medieval Knight encounters an object of awesome power – The Nubian Deathstone. Filled with terrifying visions of what the future might bring, he embarks on a quest to discover its secret. 1941: Himmler orders an elite SS Officer on an expedition to resolve the centuries-old enigma, but his discovery will have dire consequences. Now Alex Devereux, former cavalry Major and hardened mercenary takes on a lucrative mission that leads him into deepest Africa. Working for a diamond cartel and operating outside of international law, Alex comes face-to-face with the Dark Heart Prophecy. Past and present collide – but can Alex redeem himself and prevent the prophecy from coming true?

What the critics say:

‘A new contender to the crown of spy thriller supremo’ – Manchester Evening News

8 CD s
OCD 422 • 978-0-85735-099-2

Playing time: 9hrs 48mins

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