Russell Celyn Jones
Ten Seconds from the Sun
Read by Richard Burnip
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Ray Greenland is an exemplary family man, a Thames River pilot who guides others to safety, while his wife Lily runs a dating agency, navigating others to happy futures. What none of those around him know, including Lily and their children, is that Ray's life is not his own. An act committed when he was twelve has meant that Ray must live under a false identity for the rest of his life. He's only safe on the lower reaches of the Thames, but it is on land where his past resurfaces and a lifetime of caution may not be enough to save him.

What the critics say:

'A brilliant and disturbing novel ... atmospheric and absorbing'
Helen Dunmore

'Somehow Celyn Jones zooms in on the innermost edges of personality, the zone where experience, interest and action blur. The effect is both frightening and moving' Julie Myerson

9 CD s
OCD 027 • 1-84648- 068-X

Playing time: 10hrs 33mins

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