Louise Cooper
Mermaid Curse: The Golden Circlet
Read by Jilly Bond
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With Tullor safely behind glass at the Sealife Centre, and no news of evil Queen Taran, Lizzy almost believes that her troubles are over. Only she canít help thinking that itís not like Taran to give up. When her sister, Rose, starts behaving strangely, Lizzy wonders whether Taran might be up to her old tricks. Before long itís a race against time as Taranís final, terrifying plot to gain total power unfolds.

What the critics say:

Louise Cooper on Mermaid Curse
ĎJillyís superb reading brings Lizzyís story vividly and excitingly to life, to the point where I found myself getting completely engrossed, even though I already knew what was going to happen!í

Interest age: 9+

3 CD s
COCD 149 • 978-0-85735-138-8

Playing time: 3hrs

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