Peter Prince
Adam Runaway
Read by David Thorpe
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Historical Fiction

1721. George I is on the throne and Britain is emerging as the world's leading commercial power. Handsome Adam Hanaway arrives in Lisbon where his uncle is a merchant hoping to restore the family fortune, devastated by his father's speculations on the South Sea Bubble. His family's welcome is cool, but there are compensations in the shape of the worldly Maria Beatriz, the innocent Gabriella, and Nancy, his charming young cousin. But when he is framed by his uncle's treacherous head clerk Bartolomeu Gomes, Adam must clear his name, win his love and make his fortune.

What the critics say:

'A stunning historical novel with an unforgettable hero'
- Publishing News

'Prince's descriptions are so vivid, his vision so real that Adam, with all his bawdy romps and exciting adventures, emerges finally as a very modern hero. A must-read for any lover of thrilling historical romance'
Daily Mirror

'Exhilarating to read and with the assured feel of solid research behind it, this is a quality historical novel'
Clare Colvin, Daily Mail

15 CD s
OCD 029 • 1-84648- 071-X

Playing time: 19hrs

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