Ava McCarthy
The Insider
Read by Grainne Gillis
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Until recently, the toughest part of Henrietta ‘Harry’ Martinez’s life was hiding her troubled past. But now the former hacker turned security expert is in danger. Someone wants her dead. Her father Sal taught her everything he knew about taking risks, but he made a bad gamble with an anonymous trader known as the ‘Prophet’. Sal was jailed for fraud; now the Prophet wants Harry to pay up. The chase is on, the stakes are high and the bets are off.

What the critics say:

‘McCarthy cranks the tension ... and Martinez is one of the most likeable heroines I’ve read in a long time: plucky, stubborn, vulnerable and smart’ – Irish Independent

9 CD s
OCD 313 • 978-1-84648-807-8

Playing time: 11hrs 30mins

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