Sally Prue
Wheels of War
Read by Hywel John
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England 1822. At first the war seems very far away. The King’s men are so splendid in their scarlet coats, and they are fighting so bravely against the rebels that it seems impossible that Will could ever leave his place in the big house with the Master and the womenfolk to have anything to do with the fighting. Will is too young, and too simple, and the war is too valiant and glorious for the likes of him. But wars do not always keep their distance, and there is more than one way of being brave ...

What the critics say:

‘It’s beautifully written with wonderful period detail, a fable-like quality and a genuine intimacy that makes its characters utterly credible’ –

Reading age 9-12

5 CD s
COCD 119 • 978-1-84648-834-4

Playing time: 6hrs 9mins

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