Angela McAllister
The Runaway
Read by Sarah Sherborne
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Megan, frightened, guilty, and running from everything she’s ever known, arrives at a derelict mansion. There she encounters the mysterious Marguerite, blind and despised, with only two watchful owls as her companions. Her eyes. Megan and Marguerite come to depend on one another. Theirs is a strange relationship, but the deserted house they inhabit is the perfect place for hiding secrets. But Tom, always watching, waiting, biding his time, is determined to bring this fragile world crashing down.

What the critics say:

‘McAllister’s intriguing historical mystery story will keep readers gripped as the secrets are gradually revealed’ – Books for Keeps

Reading age 10-14

4 CD s
COCD 111 • 978-1-84648-831-3

Playing time: 4hrs

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