Salley Vickers
Dancing Backwards
Read by Jilly Bond
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General Fiction

Violet Hetherington, formerly the poet H.V. St John, has taken the rash step of joining a transatlantic cruise ship to New York, to visit Edwin, an old friend of her student days. As she makes the crossing she relives the traumatic events which led to her losing Edwin’s friendship and abandoning her career as a poet. Despite her natural reserve, Vi meets a rich variety of passengers who affect her understanding of her own past.

What the critics say:

‘Vickers’s fans will recognise many aspects of this novel from her earlier work. Here again we find discussions of mythology, religion and the supernatural, as well as a belief in the power of art to console’ –

6 CD s
OCD 290 • 978-1-84648-716-3

Playing time: 6hrs 47mins

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