Jenny Nimmo
The Dragonís Child & The Night of the Unicorn
Read by Leanne Westbury
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Dando the dragon canít fly. And heís lost in the land where the dreadful Doggins lurk and where dangerous humans have arrived. But with the help of an orphan girl, Dando finds himself on an incredible adventure to find his way home in The Dragonís Child. In The Night of the Unicorn Amber feels the shooting stars she saw in the night were trying to tell her something. Next day when she awakes a strange white horse appears at the animal sanctuary; and Luke Benson, the unhappy new boy at school, confides in Amber his impossible wish...

What the critics say:

Reading age 5-8

2 CD s
COCD 099 • 978-1-84648-763-7

Playing time: 2hrs 30mins

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