Gil Adamson
The Outlander
Read by Charlotte Strevens
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On a moonlit night in 1903, a mysterious young woman flees alone across the Canadian wilderness. Mary Bouton is 19 years old, half mad and widowed – by her own hand. Tearing through the forest, she is desperate, her nerves burning, and she is certain of only one thing – that two red-headed brothers, rifles across their backs, lurch close behind her. She has murdered their brother and their cold lust for vengeance is unswerving.

What the critics say:

‘Striking, thoughtful, full of unexpected twists, The Outlander is that rare delight: a novel that is beautifully written yet as gripping as any airport page-turner – Guardian

10 CD s
OCD 273 • 978-1-84648-685-2

Playing time: 11hrs 45mins

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