Jonathan Tulloch
The Lottery
Read by Tim Bruce
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General Fiction

When Audrey and Ronny win the National Lottery their troubles seem to be over. Bills can be met, the loan shark paid off, and their cleaning and cowboy-builder jobs gleefully ditched. But for Audrey, the matriarch of the Gateshead tower blocks and Ronny, the flamboyant dreamer, the winning ticket brings with it many other unforeseen changes.

What the critics say:

'Tulloch is skilful in his delineation of exhausted people living on nothing but hope'
Ali Smith, Times Literary Supplement

'Like an English Roddy Doyle, Tulloch's dialect and characterisation of a community down but not out is at once hilarious and heartbreaking ... Tulloch's Gateshead may become as memorable as Doyle's Dublin'

10 CD s
OCD 012 • 978-1-84648- 023-X

Playing time: 12hrs 27mins

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