James Wilson
Read by Jonathan Oliver
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General Fiction

1910 and Corley Roper, an eminent children’s author, mourns the death of his young daughter. Estranged from his wife, and wracked by grief, he happens one night upon Mary Wilson, a woman mourning the stillbirth of her son. Roper decides that it is only through engaging with the real world, and the mystery of Mary Wilson’s dispossessed heritage, that he may find purpose. Part ghost story and part love story, it is also a novel about the redeeming value of art.

What the critics say:

‘Beautifully written and absorbing ... Wilson has a gifted, original voice [and his] characters are convincing period creations’ – Daily Telegraph

10 CD s
OCD 256 • 978-1-84648-632-6

Playing time: 12hrs 30mins

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