Will Adams
The Exodus Quest
Read by Nigel Carrington
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On a dusty Alexandrian street, Egyptologist Daniel Knox comes across a Dead Sea Scroll jar that puts him on the trail of an ancient Jewish sect. Then Knox’s partner Gaille Bonnard is abducted, and a hostage tape on TV threatens her with execution. Certain she’s hidden a message in the broadcast, and with time running out, Knox races across Egypt to the tomb of a heretic pharaoh that may just provide the answer to riddle of the Exodus itself.

What the critics say:

‘The Exodus Quest is a page turning action adventure story with all the necessary thriller ingredients – car chases, fights, corrupt police, near death experiences and hostages’ – thebookbag.co.uk

10 CD s
OCD 249 • 978-1-84648-625-8

Playing time: 12hrs 30mins

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