James Chambers
Charlotte & Leopold: The True Story of the Original People’s Princess
Read by Jilly Bond
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From the day she was born, Charlotte won the hearts of her subjects and yet behind the scenes she was used, abused and victimised by rivalries. Her death in childbirth – the result of medical incompetence – was followed by an unseemly scramble to produce a substitute heir. Queen Victoria was the product. This is the tragic story of the doomed romance between Charlotte, heir to the English throne, and Leopold, first King of the Belgians.

What the critics say:

‘ ... a fascinating and thoroughly entertaining biography of a little-known royal princess. Her short life provides a compelling glimpse into the Regency world’
– Library Journal

6 CD s
OCD 230 • 978-1-84648-549-7

Playing time: 7hrs 45mins

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