Nerys Jones
Read by Rachel Atkins
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Historical Fiction

Britain, 1045 – The Normans are waiting to wrest the English throne away from the Anglo-Saxon barons. King Edward the Confessor does his Machiavellian best to aid them. Everything centres on the succession. Earl Lovric of Mercia and his wife, Godiva, are drawn into the machinations at Court. When Edward makes their son a pawn in his power play, Godiva’s maternal instincts rise to the fore, and intrigue undermines her own trust in her husband ... The stage is set for one of the most powerful mythological stories of British history.

What the critics say:

‘A tale of sex, spies, chastity and power, this is a romantic, sexy, gritty and, or course, revelatory book’
– Lancashire Evening Post

‘Gripping drama with a wealth of historical details and a truly inspiring heroine’
– My Weekly

9 CD s
OCD 214 • 978-1-84648-506-0

Playing time: 11hrs 15mins

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