Emma Cole
Every Secret Thing
Read by Tara Ward
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When an old man strikes up a conversation with her on the steps of St Paul's and makes a mystifying allusion to a murder and an oddly familiar comment about her grandmother, Kate Murphy is intrigued. But she never gets to hear the rest of Andrew Deacon's tale. Shocked by his unexpected death, with her interest piqued by a story never told, Kate becomes drawn into an investigation uncovering secrets about the grandmother she thought she knew and the man she never did. And she soon realises her questions are putting lives in danger ...

What the critics say:

'This is crime writing at it's most complex, intelligent best - exhaustig and quite breathtaking' - EditRed.com

12 CD s
OCD 117 • 978-1-84648-257-1

Playing time: 14hrs 30mins

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