Maeve Friel
Tiger Lily: A Heroine in the Making!
Read by Zoe-Anne Phillips
Price: £19.00 CD (all prices +VAT)
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Tiger Lily is not just fond of reading, she’s obsessed! Her head is full-to-bursting with stories of pirates, wonderlands, daring deeds and buried treasure. And now she’s had one of her ingenious ideas – she’s going to be a heroine, and roam the world in search of adventure! There’s just one problem. Tiger Lily lives in The Middle of Nowhere, where nothing ever happens. How will she ever escape?

What the critics say:

‘This book is truly a celebration of reading and the influence of the imagination on everyday life’
– Inis, the Children’s Books Ireland journal

2 CD s
COCD 061 • 978-1-84648-521-3

Playing time: 2hrs 15mins

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