Tom Kelly
The Thing with Finn
Read by Charlie Norfolk
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Ten-year-old Danny knows he’s going somewhere, but he just doesn’t know where. On his way he flattens a stuffed otter, messes with a dog called The Beast and feeds biscuits to blue Louis. But however far or fast he goes, Danny can’t outrun the memories that have chased him ever since his identical twin brother died. Where can Danny hide when every day his own face reminds him of Finn? The poignant story of a bereaved boy who embarks on an emotional journey – and ultimately finds his way home.

What the critics say:

‘Danny’s not your typical troublemaker, as this poignant debut movingly explains’
– Daily Mail

‘Filled with bittersweet treasures ... not just for kids’
– Big Issue

‘Funny, tragic and deeply fulfilling ... a modern classic’
– Books for Keeps

4 CD s
COCD 049 • 978-1-84648-472-8

Playing time: 4hrs 45mins

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