John Lawton
Second Violin
Read by Lewis Hancock
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March 1938. The Germans take Vienna without a shot being fired. Covering Austria for the English press is a young journalist named Rod Troy. Back home his younger brother joins the CID. November 1938. Kristallnacht. The Jews leave Vienna – Sigmund Freud with an American escort on a sleeper train, Josef Hummel tied to the underside of a boxcar. June 1940. Sergeant Troy is seconded to Special Branch to help in the round-up of ‘enemy’ aliens, among whom are Hummel and his brother Rod. Rod and Hummel are interned on the Isle of Man ... meanwhile a lunatic is killing rabbis in the East End. Troy asks for time off from Special Branch to return to his true calling ... Murder.

What the critics say:

‘As a writer, Lawton’s work plays second fiddle to no one and his latest is not only seductively readable but downright cheeky in parts’
– Birmingham Post

13 CD s
OCD 195 • 978-1-84648-459.9

Playing time: 16hrs 30mins

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