Dan Vyleta
Pavel & I
Read by Richard Burnip
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Pavel Richter, a decommissioned GI, finds himself at odds with a rogue British Amy colonel and a Soviet general when an American friend deposits a dead Russian spy in his frozen apartment. The race to take possession of the dead spyís secret soon begins and threatens Pavelís friendship with a street orphan named Anders and his budding love for his upstairs neighbour, Sonia. As the action hurtles towards catastrophe, the hunt merges with one for the truth about the novelís protagonist: who exactly is Pavel Richter?

What the critics say:

ĎAt the heart of Pavel & I beats an espionage thriller, complete with double-crosses, torture, prostitution, a monkey and summary execution ... as exciting a plot as you could expect from a tautly written wartime novelí
Ė The Times

9 CD s
OCD 192 • 978-1-84648-456-8

Playing time: 12hrs 25mins

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