Andy McDermott
The Hunt for Atlantis
Read by Laurence Bouvard
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Archaeologist Nina Wilde believes she knows how to find the lost civilisation of Atlantis. She wants to prove her theory. But the sinister Giovanni Qobras wants her dead! Accompanied by beautiful heiress Kari Frost and ex-SAS bodyguard Eddie Chase, Nina begins a breakneck race around the world to find the clues that will lead to the legendary city, pursued at every step by the agents of the mysterious – and murderous – Brotherhood of Selasphoros. For Atlantis holds a secret hidden for over 11,000 years that in the wrong hands could destroy civilisation as we know it ...

What the critics say:

‘Adventure stories don’t get much more epic than this’
– The Mirror

14 CD s
OCD 185 • 978-1-84648-422-3

Playing time: 18hrs

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