William Landay
The Strangler
Read by Jeff Harding
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Boston 1963 and the Strangler is on the prowl. For the three Daley brothers, sons of a Boston cop, crime is the family business. They are simply on different sides. Joe is the eldest, a tough-talking cop whose gambling habits fast women, slow horses drag him down into the city's gangland. Michael is a Harvard-educated lawyer who finds himself assigned to the embattled Strangler task force. And Ricky, the devil-may-care youngest, floats above the fray as an expert burglar until the Strangler strikes too close to home.

What the critics say:

'...a gripping tragedy about the city of Boston ... Landay's second novel is a delicate portrayal of fatally compromised lives in a compromised city' -Telegraph.co.uk

'A dense and satisfying novel of crime and retribution' -The Independent

12 CD s
OCD 130 • 978-1-84648-270-0

Playing time: 14hrs 15mins

This audio book contains strong language and/or explicit scenes

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