Aline Templeton
Shades of Death
Read by David Thorpe
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Deep in a Derbyshire cave, the skeleton of an11-year-old girl has lain undisturbed for 18 years. Its discovery brings to light the half-forgotten and horrifying rituals performed by a group of children in their chilling ‘Egyptian game’. But the game is by no means over.Technology adds a new dimension to the sinister manipulation practised by the group’s former leader, and primitive fear returns to haunt his former acolytes. As DS Tom Ward exposes the continuing power of an ancient evil, he finds himself dangerously involved in its unexpected and devastating consequences.

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What the critics say:

‘Templeton’s a considerable writer, both intelligent and intuitive’
– Literary Review

11 CD s
OCD 161 • 978-1-84648-380-6

Playing time: 13hrs 8mins

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