Wendy K. Harris
Blue Slipper Bay
Read by Lucy Scott
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General Fiction

Sophie, bereft after the loss of her mother and her husband’s betrayal, walks out. She seeks refuge with her friend Jill on the Isle of Wight, not suspecting she is about to be drawn into another crisis. Over the cliffs at Blue Slipper Bay, Nick lives in a beach hut, walled in by his own guilt and grief, finding solace in resurrecting the forgotten gardens of Wraith Cove Hotel. All three need to make peace with their pasts before they can risk taking a second chance with the future.

What the critics say:

‘Reading this book made several of us immediately want to book holidays at the Isle of Wight, simply to undergo some of the magical tranquillity the book offered’
– Chapters Book Club, Merthyr Tydfil in Make Time for Books

10 CD s
OCD 159 • 978-1-84648-378-3

Playing time: 12hrs 40mins

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