Joan Lennon
The Wickit Chronicles: Ely Plot
Read by Laurence Kennedy
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‘Stop them – they’ve stolen the King! It was a nightmare that seemed to have no end.’ How on earth did the orphan Pip end up fleeing across the medieval Fenland in the dead of night, with the King of England and a living, breathing, talking stone gargoyle called Perfect? Why was that man trying to kill them? Would they ever get back to the safety of Wickit Abbey in one piece?

What the critics say:

BRAW 8-12 Book of the Month 2007

‘This is a pacy, witty read’
– Kathryn Ross, The Scotsman

‘Consistently lively and charming, it’s one to look out for’
– Amanda Craig, TimesOnLine

3 CD s
COCD 029 • 978-1-84648-344-8

Playing time: 2hrs 54mins

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