Miss Chopsticks
Read by Rachel Bavidge
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General Fiction

The fresh, funny and poignant story of three Chinese sisters who leave their peasant community to seek their fortune in the big city. Sisters Three, Five and Six don’t have much education, but one thing they know for certain: their mother is a failure because she hasn’t produced a son, and they only merit a number as a name.Yet when the sisters seek work in distant Nanjing, the shocking city opens their eyes: to traffic jams and highrise buildings, brash behaviour and strange sophistication, culinary treats and ancient palaces – and the curious world of work.

What the critics say:

‘Xinran provides a fascinating insight into the culture of her native land’
– Good Book Guide on What the Chinese Don’t Eat

7 CD s
OCD 155 • 978-1-84648-374-5

Playing time: 8hrs 30mins

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