Martin Langfield
The Malice Box
Read by Jonathan Oliver
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When Robert Reckliss is sent a copper puzzle box, he has no idea his life is about to undergo violent transformation. An acquaintance kills himself, and an old friend reveals the existence of an arcane weapon that could wipe out the western world. It falls to Robert to hunt down this weapon, this Malice Box. The weapon is primed to explode in seven days and Robert must undergo a quest – a series of trials around Manhattan – in order to track down the keys vital to prevent detonation. In a desperate race against the clock, Robert trails the streets of Manhattan guided by Terri, a mysterious psychic, and under the constant gaze of the sinister Watchman. But higher forces are battling to prevent him completing the quest ...

What the critics say:

‘The book is full of puzzles and moves at a good lick’
– The Observer

‘A rattling good adventure’
– Bookworm

‘This is one of the strangest and one of the best novels I have read for a very long time’
– Shots magazine

15 CD s
OCD 142 • 978-1-84648-309-7

Playing time: 15hrs 30mins

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