Rachel Billington
There's More to Life
Read by Sara Markland
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Ned had been given choices: stay at school like other sad boys with nowhere to go for the holiday. Go to his older cousin, who treated him like a slave. Or spend two weeks in a seaside cottage with his aunt who had a cat but no television and cooked him huge meals three times a day. But then nothing turns out the way it’s planned. For a start, there’s no aunt.Then there are strange oises in the cottage. Disappearing food. Someone watching him from the house next door. And all the while, outside, on miles of lonely beach, the waves are building to a terrible storm.

What the critics say:

‘ ... good, old fashioned adventure story ... the plot rattles along at a cracking pace, the characters – including the sea – are larger than life and yet the dilemmas always seem real’
– Book for Keeps

5 CD s
COCD 022 • 978-1-84648-321-9

Playing time: 6hrs 15mins

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