A. J. Lake
Darkest Age: Book One: The Coming of Dragons
Read by Carolyn Bonnyman
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When a ship is dashed against the rocks in a fierce storm, all hands are lost, except for two children, washed up on the beach next to a mysterious trunk. Inside the trunk lies something more powerful than the fiercest storm, something which binds itself to their destiny. Shipwreck was just the beginning of a journey which will take them far from anything they know, and for which they will need skills and courage beyond anything they imagined. A fiery and gripping adventure awaits, as the Darkest Age begins.

What the critics say:

‘I loved it!!! It was one of the best books I have ever read!!! I think I liked it more than I did some of theHarry Potter books!!!’
– Powell’s Books customer comment

6 CD s
COCD 020 • 978-1-84648-319-6

Playing time: 6hrs 50mins

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