Gene Kemp
Nothing Scares Me
Read by Rachel Bavidge
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Petra can predict the future – and it’s a talent that she hates. People think she’s weird and she knows that if she wants any friends she’ll have to keep her gift a secret.Then a student from her school goes missing – and it becomes horrifyingly clear that Petra’s visions may hold the key to the disappearance. But danger lies much closer to home and Petra is going to need all of her talents to face what lies ahead ...

What the critics say:

‘Very readable, with good characterisation and a light touch of burgeoning romance’
– Leicestershire Libraries’ Book of the Month

‘The plot moves quickly, the dialogue rings true and ... what we know about the central teenage figures is convincing enough’ – Patterning

3 CD s
COCD 017 • 978-1-84648-279-3

Playing time: 3hrs 25mins

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