Claire McGowan
The Silent Dead
Read by Grainne Gillis
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Victim: Male. Mid-thirties. 57. Cause of death: Hanging. Initial impression murder. ID: Mickey Doyle. The officers at the crime scene know exactly who the victim is. Doyle was one of five suspected bombers who caused the deaths of 16 people. The remaining four are also missing and when a second body is found, decapitated, its clear they are being killed by the same methods their victims suffered. Forensic psychologist Paula Maguire is assigned the case but she is up against the clock will Paula be able to find those responsible? After all, even killers deserve justice, dont they?

What the critics say:

In Dr Paula Maguire, [McGowan] has created a wonderfully complex character Irish Independent

9 CD s
OCD 1120 • 978-178433-885-5

2 MP3CD s
OMP 1120 • 978-178433-921-0
Playing time: 10hrs 41mins

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