Hugo Wilcken
The Reflection
Read by Tim Flavin
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General Fiction

Dr Manne isnít himself when heís called out by the police to evaluate a man suspected of psychosis. But the man is perfectly calm, and insists heís not who the police says he is. Manne isnít sure what to believe, but something definitely isnít right. Before he knows it, heís helping his patient escape from an unfamiliar psychiatric hospital. Then a careless slip on the subway leads to a horrific accident. Waking up in a hospital bed, Manne realises his own identity is not as certain as heíd always believed. What kind of a hospital is he in and why canít he leave? As Manne pieces together the story, he realises that pretending to be someone else might be his only chance for escape.

What the critics say:

Ď Ö seductively ambiguousí Ė The Times

6 CD s
OCD 1111 • 978-178433-875-6

OMP 1111 • 978-178433-911-1
Playing time: 6hrs 52mins

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