Guy Saville
The Madagaskar Plan
Read by Richard Burnip
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1953. Nazi Germany controls Europe and a vast African territory and the Jews have been exiled to Madagaskar. Returning home after a disastrous mission to Africa, ex-mercenary Burton Cole finds his lover has disappeared. Desperate to discover her, he is drawn into a conspiracy that will lead him back to the Dark Continent. Meanwhile Walter Hochburg, Nazi Governor of Kongo, has turned his attention to Madagaskar where there are scientists who could develop a weapon of unimaginable power. But the British are interested in Madagaskar too. They plan to destroy its naval base to bring America into a war against the Reich. They have found the ideal man for the task: Reuben Salois, the only Jew to have escaped the ghetto.

What the critics say:

‘ … scarily convincing’ – Australian

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OCD 1110 • 978-178433-874-9

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Playing time: 16hrs 51mins

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