Ian Pattison
Looking at the Stars
Read by Jonathan Hackett
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A one-time aspiring author has seen his life take a tumble down the ladder of literary aspirations: after prose came verse, then drama, then the ignominious wasteland of sitcom, and then, because failure’s always ready to step in with another bottom rung, a badly paid job as a reader of other people’s sitcoms. Then suddenly there’s new hope. Hollywood, fame, money and women are all within his eager grasp. He just has to do something awful.And get away with it.

What the critics say:

‘Characterised by the same laugh-or-you’ll-cry mentality of Pattison’s screen work, this worthy page-turner is nevertheless a deeper and more involving study of ambition, failure and ultimately hollow success than Rab and Mary Doll’s world ever touched upon’
– The List

10 CD s
COCD 124 • 978-1-84648-264-9

Playing time: 12hrs

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