Clem Martini
The Crow Chronicles: The Mob
Read by Francis Middleditch
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It is springtime and the annual gathering of the Clans of the crow family, the Kinaars, is beginning. The Gathering should be a time to rejoice. Instead, it becomes a time of fear, danger and uncertainty, when ancient laws and customs are tested.This year young blood is lost and when it is, the very heart of the community is shaken. As an illegal Mob seeks revenge, a schism threatens the unity of the flock.Then, just when the Kinaars are divided, an unexpected blizzard spells more trouble...

What the critics say:

‘It’s no easy task to drum up sympathy for main
characters generally regarded as unsavoury pests, and Martini meets the challenge admirably’
– Booklist

‘The text is infused with avian knowledge and offers a humourous and unique view of humans as witnessed by birds’
– School Library Journal

5 CD s
COCD 012 • 978-1-84648-275-5

Playing time: 3hrs 50mins

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